Our Creed

Derp Cat is the antihero of NFT projects. If Deadpool was a PFP, Derp Cat would be him. We are so tired of the same collections of apes, monkeys, cats, oh my! So what did we do? We made one. A really, really derpy cat collection. We are giving unique, boozy utility to a tried and true genre but this time there is no locking your kitty away for staking, fluffy roadmaps, or "passive income" promises. That's just an added benefit... 


Give us the deets!

  • Supply: 333

  • Price: 0.29 SOL

  • Date: MAY 29th 2022

  • "Whitelistless"

What's the point?

Derp Cat is the face of the Bit-Booze brand. He will travel with you throughout your boozy journey... Everyone needs a drunken companion along this crazy trip we call NFTs. Especially ones this derpy...


So whats with the name?

Degen like cat... You degen...  Cat like booze... don't think about it too much... it will all make sense soon.

Phase 1

Mint 200 Cats and List on Magic Eden. The antiheroes of Solana take over.

The degens are formed.

Phase 2

Commence Weekly Non-Custodial Staking Rewards... we don't like when people lock our kitties away...    
Cats Clash weekly, competing for prizes and royalty rewards.

Losers eat cat shit.

Phase 3

Drink Booze to morph your Derp Cat.  MORE BOOZE = MORE FUN.

Stock your bars if you can manage not to drink it all at once.  You call it deflationary, we call it an empty bottle...

The Beginning of the end

The NFT zoo is put to rest. The merch has been consumed. The degens have gone to their hidey holes. The earth regains balance. Holders reign kings and queens. But this is only the beginning. Enter the catdog..... 

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